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Turnitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps students learn by facilitating personalized feedback. It is available as an integrated Blackboard tool at ISU.  Support at ISU is provided by Turnitin Company through the links provided below.

  • Ensure Originality
    Check students’ work for potential plagiarism by comparing it against the world’s largest comparison database.
  • Smarter Grading
    Give students legible, timely feedback while saving instructors grading time.
  • Streamline Peer Reviews
    Simplify one of the most valuable–yet cumbersome–feedback processes.

Getting Started

Instructions for Turnitin Using Blackboard

Turnitin Blackboard Direct Integration Building Block allows course instructors to use Turnitin products within their Blackboard (MyClasses) interface. Integration of Turnitin with Blackboard allows the use of ISU Net IDs and Registrar enrollment lists to automatically populate your Turnitin assignments. The Turnitin Direct Assignment tool is available under the Assessments button in any course Content Area, Content Folder or a Learning Module.

Instructor User Manual for Blackboard 9.1

Instructor User Manual for Blackboard 9.1 (PDF)

Technical Support From Turnitin

Instructor Training

Instructor QuickStart Guide
Instructor User Manual
Grade Anywhere℠ with Turnitin for iPad

Student Training

Student QuickStart Guide
Student User Manual

Live Expert Training

Turnitin offers live, online training sessions with certified trainers to help users build facility in the use of Turnitin’s features.