Panopto Classroom Recordings

What is Panopto?

Panopto is the centrally-supported classrom capture system that allows instructors to record lectures or presentations and make them available to students. If you have any questions about getting started with Panopto or need help with the classroom setup or software, contact the support group at or visit the Classroom Capture and Online Distribution Overview.

Below is an screenshot of a recorded presentation. At the upper left is video of the presenter; the upper right displays synchronized slides of the presentation; and at the bottom right are thumbnail images of the slides.

Screen Capture of a Panopto Recording

Adding Panopto recordings to a Blackboard Course

A Blackboard Building Block connects Blackboard with Panopto, making it much easier and more convenient for instructors to take advantage of classroom capture sessions in their online courses at Iowa State University.

Instructors can connect to Panopto with just a few clicks from within Blackboard. It will create folders on the Panopto system, allow instructors to post recordings within the Blackboard course, and use the Blackboard student enrollment as the Panopto access list. Within Blackboard, ISU AdminTools’ daily updates from the Registrar’s official course enrollment will then keep that list up to date automatically as students add and drop the course.

Panopto recordings can be added to Content Folders or Learning Modules. Once a link is established between a Blackboard course and one or more Panopto folders, students will be able to access the recorded sessions without needing to log in again to the Panopto server.

The following steps show the process of setting up the Blackboard-Panopto connection and adding Panopto content to a Blackboard Content Folder or Learning Module.

  1. Within a Content Folder or Learning Module, go to Add Interactive Tool and select Panopto Video Link.
  2. If you have not yet Configured the Blackboard/Panopto connection, you will be prompted to Add Course to Panopto. If you have already configured the connection, you will go directly to step 5 (below).
  3. Click the Add Course to Panopto button.
  4. The left panel lists any folders you may already have in Panopto. Select one or more folders, or create a new one and click Submit.

    TIP: Once you have configured the Blackboard/Panopto connection, you may make changes to the configuration by via Course Tools (see bottom of this page).

  5. Select one of your Panopto Folders or a public folder from which to select a video.
    Select the Panopto Lecture, enter a Title and (optional) Description, and click Submit.

  6. You’ll receive confirmation. Click OK.
  7. Course participants can now access the classroom recording via a link that will look something like this:

Updating the Blackboard/Panopto Configuration

Once a Blackboard/Panopto connection has been configured, you may make changes to the configuration, such as added or changing Panopto folders.

In the main course menu, click on Course Tools. If Course Tools is not one ot the items on the main (upper) course menu, click the “plus” icon at the top left corner to add it to your menu. On the Course Tools page, click Panopto Focus Content.

Cilck the configure button to update th Blackboard/Panopto folder association.