Currently Installed Third Party Integrations

The following third party Blackboard integrations are already installed on Iowa State’s Blackboard learning environment.

Integration Vendor
Adobe Connect 2.0.23 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Camtasia Relay Announcement Poster 2.0.0 TechSmith
Cengage Learning MindLinks Building Block 1.100.912014100.270 Blackboard Inc.
Echo Active Learning Platform Echo
EchoSystem Content Creator 5.2.2 Echo360, Inc.
Gamegogy Leaderboard 1.4 David Thornton
GoogleModule 9.2.1109063 Google
Maps 9.2.1109061 Mapquest
My Class Climate 1.3.1 Scantron Inc.
My Messages 2.2.1 Wallace State Community College
MyLabsPlus Bridge 1.0.3 USF
Panopto Focus Connector 4.6.0 Panopto, Inc.
Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering 3.1.912014100.501 Blackboard Inc.
Respondus LockDown Browser 3.3.3 Respondus Inc
SCORM Engine 2013.4.1134874 Rustici Software, LLC
Seneca Who’s Online 1.3.1 Seneca College
SoftChalk Publish with ScoreCenter 1.3.0 1.3.0 SoftChalk
Turning Technologies 4.2.20150109.2376 Turning Technologies, LLC
Turnitin Direct Assignment for Blackboard 20140926.1 Turnitin
WebAssign WebAssign
WeBWorK Assignment 2.3.20121024 University of Missouri
WeatherModule 9.2.1109067
WileyPLUS Integration Blackboard Inc.
XIDdecode 1.0.8 Grand Rapids Community College
bbFeeds 2.0.1 Grand Rapids Community College
e@t RSS Feeds 91.1.0 Elearning @ Tees