Submitting Midterm Grades

Also see Submitting Final Grades Using ISU AdminTools


Designating the Grade Center Column that Will Be Submitted (Set as External Grade)

Submitting Midterm Grades

Checking Results of Grade Submissions

Open ISU AdminTools

The Edit Mode button: ON to edit; OFF to see what students see.

To Submit Midterm Grades, use ISU AdminTools
In your Blackboard course, open ISU AdminTools from the Course Management > Control Panel > Course Tools menu.

Designating the Grade Center Column that Will Be Submitted

To identify the column in your Grade Center as the one to be submitted, you must set that column as an External Grade by clicking the drop-down menu icon to the right of the column name and select Set as External Grade.

NOTE: ISU AdminTools now requires the Midterm Grade column to be named exactly Midterm Grade.

For Midterm Grade submission, the column named Midterm Grade must be Set as External Grade.

Set as External Grade.

Only one column at a time can be Set as External Grade. Once selected, the External Grade column will have a green checkmark icon to the left of the column name.

Midterm Grade marked as External

Submitting Midterm Grades

Important: also see Requirements for Blackboard Grade Release to the Registrar.

(NOTE: To submit grades by means of ISU AdminTools, you must have previously enrolled students in your course using ISU AdminTools.)

The Grade Center column that will be submitted, must be named exactly Midterm Grade and Set as External Grade. The column may be a Text, Letter Grade, Total, or Weighted column. If it is a calculated Total or Weighted column, the Primary Display in the Column Information must be based on a Grading Schema.

TIP: If you want to create a Midterm Grade column that is based on weighted values from other Grade Center columns (e.g. Quizzes, Assignments, etc.), see Creating a Weighted Column.

a. In the ISU AdminTools panel, click the Grades tab.

The right side of the panel will display a list of all the students whose grades will be submitted to the Registrar. Grades displayed reflect grades of C-, D, F for Midterm Grades.

If you receive a warning that “since you are not an instructor of record you may not submit grades,” you need to contact your department secretary or the Registrar to update your status as an Instructor of Record or a Grade Submitter (Blackboard support staff cannot update Registrar records).

If you receive the warning, “please correct the grades in your BbLearn Grade Center and return here to submit,” see Midterm Grade Submission Policies (at left) and make any corrections to grades highlighted in red. You must go back into the Full Grade Center to make changes before you submit.
See Making Adjustments to Individual Grades.

b. If you want to change a grade to M (for non-attendance), you may do so by selecting Not Attending in the Options column.

c. When you are sure all the grades are correct, click Submit Grades.

Course Interface
NOTE: Your grades have been stored.

You should receive a Note that your grades have been stored. You will receive an email confirmation as well.

Grades submitted from Blackboard will not show up in AccessPlus until after the grade submittal deadline. However, you may review grades that have been submitted through Blackboard by going to Blackboard Grade Submittal Check.

NOTE: If you make grade changes before the submission deadline, don’t forget to use ISU AdminTools to resubmit.