Submitting Test and Evaluation Service (Bubblesheet) Forms

Test & Evaluation Services can transfer scores from bubble sheet exams directly into your Blackboard course Grade Center.
NOTE: For this process to work, you must have previously enrolled students in your course using ISU AdminTools.

Open ISU AdminTools

The Edit Mode button: ON to edit; OFF to see what students see.

To add students to your course, use ISU AdminTools
In your Blackboard course, open ISU AdminTools from the Course Management > Control Panel > Course Tools menu.

In the Control Panel, open the Course Tools submenu and select ISU AdminTools.

Enter the Required Information

You must fill out the Testing Service form and submit that with the answer key for your exam.

    1. In the ISU AdminTools panel, click the Testing Service tab.
      (The Instructor Name and Class Section are filled in automatically.)
TES form screenshot
  1. You must enter the following:
    • Your campus Phone Number
    • The Delivery Location
    • The Column Name in the Blackboard Grade Center (You may identify a pre-existing Grade Center column)
      NOTE: If the column name your enter in this form does not exactly match the name of a column already in your Grade Center, a new one will be created.
    • Email List should include email address(es) of each individual to be notified when the exams have been processed
  2. The following fields are optional:
    • Date you will drop off the bubble sheets at TES
    • The Exam#, Quiz#, Midterm#, or Final#. (For example, if you are giving 3 quizzes, you may enter 1, 2, or 3 depending on which quiz you are giving next.)
    • Special Code Column Name
    • Any Special Instructions
  3. Click Submit.

A confirmation of your Submission will appear.

Print the Submission confirmation

The confirmation includes information that must be entered on the test key.

Bring a copy of it along with the answer sheets and key to the Solution Center, 192 Parks Library.

Print Submission Confirmation

You will be sent an e-mail when the results have been transferred to backboard. The e-mail you receive will include a comma-delimited spreadsheet file attachment that includes all the student scores that were transferred to your Blackboard course. This will enable you to fill in any missing scores in Blackboard for those students who did not include their name or decipherable ID number on their bubble sheet. A list of those students will be included in an e-mail from the Blackboard administrator.