Requirements for Grade Release to the Registrar

NOTE: Grade submission from Blackboard using ISU AdminTools may only be done by an individual who is:

  1. listed as an “Instructor of Record” according to the Registrar, AND
  2. Have the role of “Instructor” in the Blackboard course.

Midterm Grade types accepted by the system are: C-, D, F, and M. (M is for non-attendance.)

NOTE: The Midterm Grade column of the Letter Grade format may include grades of C and above—they are simply ignored by the Registrar’s system. However, an error message will be generated if the column contains D+, D-, or a number.

Final Grade types accepted by the system are: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, I, and N. (N is for no report, The instructor will report grade at a later date and time). Courses that are recorded Satisfactory or Fail accept of the following grade types: S, F, I, and N.

Students with assigned grades considered invalid or unrecognizable by the system will be rejected, indicated, and reported in the table. Invalid grades include: A+, blank, a number, or no grade in column for Final Grade submission.

NOTE: New Grade Reporting Requirements for Fall 2013
Final Grade reporting process for students receiving an F for a course

DO NOT submit grades in AccessPlus for the same course. If you do the Registrar will consider the AccessPlus submission to supersede the Blackboard submission.

If you have any questions about setting up your Blackboard Grade Center for electronic submission, fixing submission errors, or creating formulas to turn test/assignment points into letter grades within the Grade Center please see contact information (below)

  • Grade release through the Blackboard grade release wizard must occur prior to the semester cutoff deadline specified by the Registrar.
  • You can release or change grades up to that cutoff deadline. If you need to change a student’s grade, all you have to do is change the grade in the Blackboard Grade Center, then go back through the wizard again and resubmit the whole class. This will overwrite the previous submission. You can resubmit multiple times until the cutoff deadline.
  • Grades submitted through Blackboard will be transferred to the Registrar at the cutoff deadline and will appear on AccessPlus for display the day after the cutoff deadline. Late grade submission will not be allowed.
  • Please remember, only the official “instructor or instructors of record” as recognized by the Registrar’s office will be able to submit the grades using their ISU Net-ID and password (which is also your Blackboard login ID and password). The instructor or instructors of record must also be either an instructor or co-instructor in the Blackboard course. The instructor of record must have a role 1 or 7 as identified by the Registrar. If you are the instructor of record with any role other than 1 or 7, you will be NOT be able to submit grades electronically. Please contact your departmental secretary who should be able to set your role in the ADIN (Registrar’s) system.
  • To be able to submit grades electronically, you must have already enrolled your Registrar course-sections to your Blackboard course. Course enrollment can be done at any time during the semester by the instructor of record using the “ISU Admin Tools” link in a Blackboard course.
  • Your Blackboard grade book must have a column for the submitted grades named exactly “Midterm Grade” for the midterm grade electronic submission to work. Your Blackboard grade book must have a column for the submitted grades named exactly “Final Grade” for the final grade electronic submission to work. These columns must be in either the Letter Grade format or the Text format.