End of Semester Checklist

Download a Copy of the Grade Center. [video]

Submit Final Grades from Blackboard.

Request Creation of a Copy of your Course for a future semester if you are ever going to teach it again. (You can currently request courses for any semester through Fall 2017.)

Archive your course. [video]

NOTE: After you have downloaded the archive .zip file, please be sure to return to Export/Archive Course once more and DELETE THE .ZIP FILE FROM THE SERVER. Leaving the .zip file on the server, only creates more load on and reduces performance of the Blackboard servers.

NOTE: Do not unzip the .zip archive of your course. It is only usable in restoring a course on the server. The unzipped files are unreadable outside the Blackboard environment.

  • All Blackboard courses will be archived by ITS after grades are submitted – but it is MUCH easier to restore a course from a downloaded .zip archive than it is from the ITS archive.
  • Instructors will retain access to old courses for several semesters.

OPTIONAL: Students will be able to access the course (and view their grades) for several weeks after the end of the semester, at which point students will centrally be denied access to all previous semester’s courses. However, if you prefer, you can make your course unavailable to students prior to having it done centrally. Either way, the course will still retain student records (grades, participation, etc.).