Create or Copy (Renew) a Bb Course

Blackboard Course Creation Request

You must submit a Course Creation Request for each semester that you plan to use Blackboard for teaching.

Three Options for Online Course Requests

Option 1. Create a New (empty) Blackboard Course

Important Note for Instructors: If you are using course cartridges or digital content solutions from publishers (e.g. McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Cengage, Pearson, etc.) please select Option #1: Create a Blank Course.

Option 2. Create a Copy of (Renew) an Existing Blackboard Course

Each semester that an existing Blackboard course is taught, course instructors or builders must submit a Bb Course Request. You must have the role of Instructor of the previous Bb course to be able to request a copy.

Option 3. Request a Space for a [non-course] Special Project or Organization

All new [non-course] Special Projects may submit a request for a Blackboard Organization. Unlike a Blackboard Course, however, an Organization:

  • cannot be used for course credit-earning activities;
  • can be continuous from semester to semester, but must have a Leader who is in charge and can confirm annually whether the organization is still active;
  • has a limited file space quota, which may be increased upon approval.