Wrapping Up Your Course

Submitting Grades to the Registrar through ISU AdminTools

Iowa State University has integrated Bb Grade Center and Blackboard systems to make entering grades for midterms and finals much more seamless for Faculty. This feature can be accessed through the ISU AdminTools by selecting the Grades tab. Before an Instructor can use this feature for a Blackboard course, he/she must make certain that he/she is both an Instructor for the Blackboard course and the “Instructor of Record” within the ISU Course Catalog.
ISU AdminTools are available in the Course Tools area in the Control Panel section under Course Management. The ISU AdminTools establish a connection with the Registrar’s enrollment database to all instructors to:

Downloading the Grade Center

One of the features of the Grade Center that many instructors use is the Work Offline function, which allows instructors to download their course grades and eliminates the need to keep grade entries in multiple locations. Instructors with external projects, assignments, or examination scores can easily download their course’s entire Grade Center as a text file or spreadsheet, enter their external grades, and then import the information back into the Grade Center. This function can also be used to create an easily accessible archival record of all grades assigned in a course when the course is complete.

Archiving the Course

Instructors should Archive their course material at regular intervals during the semester and again when the course is complete. Archiving creates a complete copy (all cumulative grade columns, student grades and associated settings) of a Course in a zipped file format. This package can be used to keep an offline copy of the course on an Instructor’s personal computer and/or to recover any data lost during or after the course.

Special request for course availability

All courses in a past semester are automatically set unavailable to students about two weeks into a new semester. Instructors can contact Solution Center to request course availability if their students have incomplete work to finish.

Reusing Course Material

Instructors should request a copy of (renew) an existing Blackboard course via the Bb Course Request form.