Getting Access to Blackboard

Getting an Account

All members of the ISU community, including all Instructors and students, receive Blackboard access automatically. No special request is needed to log into Blackboard.

Creating a Course

Course shells are requested using a Bb course creation request form for each semester use. These shells are linked to the account of the individual named as the instructor. Organizations may request a Bb spaces for research projects, training, etc.

Logging In

Go to and log in using your NetID and password.
You will see all courses you are teaching and courses in which you are enrolled in the My Courses section of the My Bb page.

Blackboard Environment

To begin developing a course, click the link to that course in the Course List box on the My Bb page, then take a moment to familiarize yourself with the instructor view (edit mode on) and student view (edit mode off) of your course. These introductory tutorials will help you become familiar with Blackboard tools and terms that you will see throughout the Blackboard documentation.